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Key Visuals for Teafolia

Taro Drinks

Playing with the chinese pun, we came up with the chinese title: 欲(芋)罢不能, which means irresistable. 


1st proposal allows our art to cut through the clutter as fellow competitors have not adopted this design look in their advertisements before. The hand at the bottom left will reach out towards the drink, signifying the desire to grab it and drink it.


2nd proposal is a more dreamy concept with clouds signifying one being on "cloud nine"/"heaven" once they consume the Taro drink. 

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Role / 

Conceptualisation, Art Direction and Execution


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Taro April'd fool game Post
Taro Social Media Launch Post
Taro Social Media Teaser Post
Taro Social Media  Engagement Post
Taro-photo booth
Taro-DL flyer
Taro-social media
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